School Memories

As my school career has come to an end with Uni on the way I have been reminiscing a lot about the ‘old times’ and what memories I have from the many years of schooling. Here are just a few –

Number 1 – Heads Down Thumbs Up

If you haven’t played Heads Down Thumbs Up then you simply haven’t lived. It would be the end of a long day in year 3 after hours of stressful colouring, playing and mischief and the Teacher would stand in front of the class and announce it was time. You knew from  that point on that today was going to be the best day of the week. Now there were two situations you could be in. The first situation is that you have been picked to be on giving you the role of the pincher. Now there was a few ways you could go about this. You could take the gutsy approach and pull off a full squeeze or you could take a more stealthy approach and barely pinch at all. I was a gutsy pincher myself. On the other hand you could be in situation where you are the victim of the pinch. Now we all know what really happened at this point. Instead of playing the game and thinking who could be pinching you we all just cheated. This was easy, all you had to do was place your head over the edge of the table in order to see the ‘pinchers’ shoes. After you had conclusive evidence who the ‘pincher’ was you would stand up with confidence and shame the ‘pincher’ taking all the credit for your win.

Number 2 – D.I.S.C.O

The annual disco was greatly anticipated throughout the whole year. One thing I can remember is the latest fashion trends everyone would reveal on this one night of the year. bowling-shirt-with-flames-on-itA personal favourite of mine amongst the boys was the allusive flaming shirt (pictured). Now this shirt not only expressed to your peers that you meant business but it also presented that you have no cares in the world and that night would be unforgettable. Another huge factor to a Primary School Disco was the music. The DJ at such events were usually a son of one of the staff members who fancied himself as the new Pitbull where in truth all he did was repeat the first 5 tracks of Now 70. However we all know the one song that will be played at Key Stage 3 Disco for the rest on internity and that song is… The ‘Cha Cha Slide’ sung by the renowned Mr C aka The Slide Man. Whenever this song started to play a rush of kids would make their way to the dance floor where a well-rehearsed choreographed dance routine would be performed.

Number 3 – Yes or No Rubbers

Yes and No Rubbers were a regular appearance within someone’s pencil case. Now this utensil held great authority and power over a great deal of areas throughout the class from relationships to dares. The owner of the rubber would declare two names within the class and then throw the rubber into the air. If the rubber landed yes the class would fall into a hysterical laughter as the rubber had now chosen for these two people to ‘go out’ which of course would lead into marriage and all the rest of it. However if the rubber landed no and great sigh would be heard leading to the thrower naming two other random names hoping for a yes to been thrown. Additionally there was something unheard of within the rubber throwing world and that was for P1020632the rubber to land on its side. Now this meant the rubber gods were undecided on whether these two people should ‘go out’. To combat this the rubber owner would write the words maybe on each side creating great confusion and mystery over the couple named.


Number 4 – Year 6 Benches

Throughout the majority of your primary school years assembly was seen as a painful uncomfortable and overall negative experience where you sat on a dusty old wooden floor breaking you neck to see anything. However when you finally made it into Year 6 assembly’s changed for the better as you were finally promoted up to the benches. The benches were located on the sides of the hall giving you a great view of the entire school. These benches gave the Year sixes great authority and power as it allowed them to look down on the lower school provoking great fear and admiration from the youngers. _____________________________________________________________________________ 292

I hope you enjoyed this short little blog. If you did please comment down below about any other memories you have from your schooling years.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Joel Wood.


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