The Nightmare Before Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of the year.

I love the snow, mince-pies, Christmas trees, presents, movies and of course the same old games you play on the special day every year (charades, monopoly and scrabble are some personal favourites).

However I’ve got one little bug bear…

Do we really have to start the ‘Christmas build up’ in late October early November! I mean come on. It seems as soon as the days start turning into nights and there’s a little frost on your car window the media begin to bamboozle you with adverts for the “NEW SPECIAL GIFT THIS FESTIVE YEAR!”

On top of this I’ve started to see Christmas lights getting put up on the outside of homes in my local area. You’re only feeding the fire people! I believe there should be a law put in place to stop this behaviour. I propose to you that there should be no adverts, lights and special Christmas deals until the 1st of December. Therefore by the time Christmas shows its festive little head we aren’t bored of it all.

I believe those 25 days in which you can go all out for the festive season is plenty of time to grab a present for all your Uncles, Aunties, Grandmas, Granddads and dog walkers great Grandson (it really wouldn’t surprise me) in which they can cherish and enjoy.

I’ve added a poll to see if it’s just me who thinks this, please have a vote and see what people think.

Additionally I hope you have a very Merry Christmas just don’t get too excited just yet.