‘Netflix’ the new global epidemic?

Netflix is the new way we consume mass media. From Indie movies to the biggest block-busters it’s all on there, and with its 40 million streaming members it’s not going anywhere.

I’m not ashamed to admit I am one of these 40 million and a big fan of the service.

However it seems I’ve actually contracted the ‘Netflix’ bug. On average I spend about 1-2 hours a day on Netflix consuming a variety of shows. My recent ‘addiction’ has been the US Office. I have now finished the whole 9 series accumulating to 21.5 days (as you may have noticed I am suffering badly from this new bug).

The question I ask myself is ‘Is this epidemic fatal?’ and ‘Are there any ways I can prevent this bug?’

 I have created 5 ways in which you can spot if you have the same bug and therefore put in place the ways in which to prevent it:

1)      Tiredness – This is due to that ‘One more episode’ moment you have at 1am in the morning.
2)      Your things to do list increases – You will find important things such as work and family members Birthdays seem to cease from existence.
3)       Your desk becomes cluttered – A nice cup of tea is needed whilst the marathon watch is commencing, however the cups stack up to form a majestic cup castle.
4)      Growth of fangs – Peak watching times are at the early hours of the morning transforming you into a TV loving vampire.
5)      Small things become HUGE – You will start to see petty things such as your laptop battery running out become a huge ordeal of which uncontrollable rage will ensue.

If you possess any of these symptoms I’m afraid you may have contracted this disease. But don’t fret there is help for you in the form of 3 easy steps.

1)      Venture Outside – As crazy as it seems a trip outside is very beneficial.
2)      Hobbies – Hobbies are a great alternative to mass watching sessions.
3)      Socialise with friends – It may be a hard concept to understand but talking to friends instead on catching up on ‘Skins’ could change you for the better.


If you take these steps you may end up being cured from this disease.

Anyway these ‘Breaking Bad’ episodes (new addiction) aren’t going to watch themselves you know. I’ll keep you posted with my treatment. You’re not alone out there, keep watching.